Indian Head Massage

$75 (45 min)

This holistic treatment is based on an ancient East Indian tradition which uses a variety of pressure & techniques that tap into your seven chakras or paths of energy. This is a truly tranquil experience for those who need a break from the craziness of life, as it encourages healing and balance in your whole body for a total escape. Essential oils are used as the scalp is massaged. Your treatment includes a face, neck, shoulder and upper back massage. We finish with a grounding hand and arm massage as well as a hot towel compress and massage on the feet.

Relaxation Massage

$55/ $75/ $90 (30 min/ 45 min/ 60 min)

Classic Swedish massage techniques for total relaxation. Massage can help improve circulation, muscle tension and stress. (Non-registered, no insurance receipt provided)

Tranquility Dreams Treatment

$95 (60 min)

We will start with our signature tranquility welcome followed by a cleanse of the forehead and eye area. We will apply a relaxing steam mask over the eyes while you enjoy a scalp and neck massage. After we remove the steam mask we will apply a cooling sublime brightening anti-aging eye mask on and massage the hands and arms and foot treatment ( all extended time ) We will then leave the room for you to relax for 5 and finish witch forehead, temple and eye massage!


$95 (60 MIN)

A relaxing massage on the feet and hands to relive tension and stress. Focusing on reflexology points that co-relate to every part of the body.