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Indian Head Massage

$70 (45 min)

This holistic treatment is based on an ancient East Indian tradition which uses a variety of pressure & techniques that tap into your seven chakras or paths of energy. This is a truly tranquil experience for those who need a break from the craziness of life, as it encourages healing and balance in your whole body for a total escape. Essential oils are used as the scalp is massaged. Your treatment includes a face, neck, shoulder and upper back massage. We finish with a grounding hand and arm massage as well as a hot towel compress and massage on the feet.


$45/ $80 (30 min/ 60 min)

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle of treating reflexes on the feet that correspond to other parts, glands and organs throughout the entire body.  With application of pressure on these reflexes, Reflexology Therapy helps relieve tension, improve circulation, and supports the body’s effort to function properly. A full body treatment through pressure points on the feet alone!

Relaxation Massage

$45/ $65/ $80 (30 min/ 45 min/ 60 min)

Classic Swedish massage techniques for total relaxation. Massage can help improve circulation, muscle tension and stress. (Non-registered, no insurance receipt provided)

Hot Stone Massage

$95/ $120 (60 min/90 min

Water-heated smooth stones are placed strategically on key points of the body, as well as massaged into your skin for the ultimate relaxation and pain relief.  Hot Stone Massage promotes healing by targeting the deeper layers of muscle through the use of heated stones.  Combined with regular massage, this treatment delivers a wealth of benefits.  Whether you’re looking to ease chronic muscle tension or just completely relax, this specialized unique massage will warm soothe your entire body!

Cupping Massage

$45/ 85 (30 min/60 min)

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine and deep tissue massage that separates the layers of superficial fascia.  It includes multiple techniques with the use of modern suction cups.  Cupping has the ability to affect deeper tissue, remove fascial restrictions and increase range of motion. This treatment can release stagnant toxins in the body and even improve cellulite!

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