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ReJuvenate Spa Facial

(60 min) - $90

A perfect place to start for great skin! Our most popular facial is completely customized to meet your skin’s needs. Following an analysis of your skin your treatment begins with a full cleanse, double exfoliation and extractions if needed. Enjoy a facial and neck and shoulder massage and specialty mask followed by the appropriate serum and finishing creams.

Express Facial

(30 min) - $60

Just a quickie! Let’s get down to business and address your skin’s individual needs in this express treatment. Skin is fully cleansed and analyzed and the appropriate exfoliant and mask is used for a refreshed complexation.

Sublime Skin Facial

(75 min) - $135
“The Cadillac of facials” An anti-aging treatment perfect for any age! This treatment includes an AHA Peel followed by a Hex-Peptide Firming mask for brighter, more even, firmer and plumped skin.

Urban Longevity Facial

(90 min) - $130
The Destresser! Stress takes a toll on our bodies, minds and yes, our skin! We use Skin Regimen products for this treatment to purify, destress and fight aging caused by stress on the skin. Includes Qigong and Rolling Roulage massage techniques to lift and tone technique, AHA Peel and Detoxifying Charcoal mask. An amazing treatment for any skin type or age.


Reveal smoother and brighter skin! Dermaplaning is a safe resurfacing technique for painless removal vellus hair and exfoliation of dead skin cell layers using a physician’s scalpel blade. The results of this treatment include better product absorption, brighter more even skin tone, smooths fine lines and improves texture. (No your facial hair will not grow back thicker or darker!)

Dermaplaning Treatment

$85 (45 min)

Skin is cleansed and prepped before dermaplaning. Skin is finished with a specialty serum, moisturizer and mineral makeup application.

Dermaplaning Facial

$130 (75 min)

Skin is cleansed, gently exfoliated and prepped prior to dermaplaning. Includes a nourishing mask and hand and arm massage. Enhance results with a Sublime AHA

Peel upgrade for an additional $20.

- Facial Upgrades -

Sublime Anti-Aging Mask

An firming Hexa-Peptide peel off mask to help tone and plump the skin.

Skin Regimen Detox Mask

A peel-off detoxifying mas enriched with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal to purify the skin for a brighter complexation.

Sublime AHA Peel


A combination of a lactic acid booster and a 45% AHA peel resurfaces the skin for a brighter complexion enhanced with one of our boosters or serums for maximum benefit.

Sublime Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

A Hydrogel Peptide Mask to visibly reduce wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

NuFace 5 Minute Face Lift


Using a handheld micro-current device mimics the bodies natural current and goes beyond skin deep to tone facial muscles while improving contour, skin tone and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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